Sunday, 1 August 2010

Another Sunday update...

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Time flies when you are having fun...and this trip to Kenya is no exception.

I am working an extremely flexible work pattern at the moment which has ranged from 8 to 15 hour days...but it has certainly not been boring.

The group of us that are out here are currently split into two of them down at Nairobi and one up in Laikipya (my one). Once we are all together again, we can start a rotating shift pattern which will make life a bit more the moment it is a bit like relying on chicken bones to decide when we are working. It IS quite fun though :).

I didn't get all of my washing back but I only lost a pair of socks so I wasn't too least I got my uniform back!

It has still managed to rain every day since I arrived here but the rain is warm...even though it buckets down.

I have lost track of all the wildlife I've seen but it always seems to evade my camera...I'll get there eventually!

I am currently two hours ahead of the UK so it is gone midnight here...and I am very I am calling it a day!

It gets dark instantly here, I've never known a place like it.

See you blindly, with my fingers and outstretched hands!

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