Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A surprise!

I am someone who potters through life, generally watching my manners and trying not to raise too much of a ripple in the pond of life. I do my thing and if I think I have been out of order I'll apologise but if I think I've been O.K. then no apologies are necessary. I am fairly reasonable...strong willed, logical, mildly eccentric and often nonplussed...but definitely reasonable.

From a general point of view, although I am not a religious man, I still have what could be considered Christian values...try to be polite, try not to upset people, make amends if you think you've been out of order, help people who need help etc...you know, the general 'good citizen' thing.

The trouble is that with the advent of the WWW it is very difficult to express your personality through the medium of text. If I'm sad, I can type "I am sad"...but that doesn't say how sad or whether I look sad...If I'm happy, I can try to explain how happy I am but without looking at my face, how can anybody really tell how happy I am.

There is also the whole minefield of trust. If I meet someone, I can generally tell what they are like, how they appear to me and can make decisions about them, based on how they react to me or what I do or say to them. On the WWW, things take on a whole new direction...who is this person who has typed that statement? Is he lying? Is he telling the truth? Is he actually who he says he is...even to the point where he is in fact, a SHE?

It is a proper minefield, the WWW. I have been misinterpreted, falsely quoted, praised, held aloft (metaphorically speaking), trusted, mis-trusted, plagiarised, accused, hated and liked all at varying levels and in varying time frames...

...but generally speaking, I am fairly reasonable...

So, why the meanderings on the subject of the WWW?

Well, I'd like to say that today, I have been utterly blown away by a fellow WWW surfer.

I only know him through the various forums I frequent and what I have read on his blog. I often comment on his work and am a huge fan of his subtle camouflage schemes...but I don't know him apart from that. He also posts comments and ideas on the forums I visit, with regard to my various projects. I have never met him (knowingly) and he only has my on-line persona to judge me by.

Yet today, I have been surprised by a gift through the post. It is, I hasten to add, quite an expensive and very cool gift and it was sent by the fellow WWW surfer I have mentioned.

It is a humbling experience when someone who you have never met, places trust in you. It is also a great privilege. I would like to thank dwartist for the gift he sent and would hasten to add that it will be appearing on this blog, in all of its converted glory, when I get back from Kenya.

I have, today, had the highs and lows of the internet...but the highs have really held sway and I am really happy with my gift.


See you through the cellophane panel of the box I'm peering into :) !

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So, what was the gift?