Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday...a lot of a distraction...

Before I start today's ramblings, I would like to welcome Bagpuss to my humble blog. I have been watching his work over at the ammo-bunker forums, building up a Kryomek force and it is worth a really good look at (click the link):

Kryomek Thread

Welcome to my blog Bagpuss, I hope you find something to keep you interested here.

So...I have been busy not really achieving much. I am sort of in limbo at the moment...I know I have a lot of work to prepare for my jolly adventure to Africa...but I am a fan of normality so making the switch is difficult for me... a result, I haven't bothered packing, sorting or preparing. Instead I decided to carry on regardless and start building the next big thing...another HALO miniature. In this case, I haven't got too far so I have a WIP pic to show off. I plan on having a small diorama on a 50mm base. It will consist of an artillery piece, someone firing the thing and someone using the shield for cover while he has a blat too. This is what I have so far:

Click the Pic!

I was going to have the crewmen the same colour but I have decided that the gunner will be the same colour as the artillery piece but the other one will be different.

So the big question is 'why haven't I got this finished?'

Well, the reason is, I have been distracted by the fact that I should be preparing for Africa...and also, I've been distracted by something that I remembered from the past. A couple of weeks ago, I sold some vehicles off to a couple of people on line. Whilst on my travels, I found a pair of these in the box I was looking through:

Click the Pic!

It is a 1/60th scale Scopedog toy from the Armoured Trooper Votoms series. It is part plastic and part die-cast metal. I really like the series and ideally wanted to get a plastic kit but unfortunately, I missed the boat so I have had to make the best of what I could get...namely two of the toys. The trouble is that the toy just seemed too tall and needed bringing down a peg or after a lot of cursing and almost as much cutting, gluing and shaping, I ended up with this:

Click the Pic!

The above pic shows my version on the left with an 'out of the box' one on the right. The Grymn in the middle is purely for scale purposes. Below is a round the world shot of the little beast:

Click the Pic!

I think it looks much better and more in proportion now. The driver sits in the torso and drives the walker. I have another one of these to convert but I think I will do something a bit more with it...maybe go for a Brutish-Dog instead of a Scope-Dog? I would show you a pic...but that's what a search engine is for ;).

So...not much sleep...major headache...lack of enthusiasm for change...lack of will to leave my home and family for a few months AGAIN...Uniform inspection on Tuesday...

Life is a challenge sometimes.

But the Japanese have a system where they look at things in a different way. They don't look at a problem like it is a bad thing. Any failings are viewed as an opportunity. Problems and challenges are viewed as an opportunity to find ways to overcome them...sometimes, it is good to have these problems thrust at us because sometimes it is hard to choose to face up to problems...I have no choice so I'll deal with it and be a better person for it (in the end)...They are pretty switched on, the Japanese.

I have no idea when the next update will be...I am just so fickle!

see you through the ozone layer!


Bagpuss said...

Thanks for the welcome Inso. You've got some really inspirational stuff here.

Inso said...

You're welcome and so have you, your Kryomek stuff is awesome...well done on the new pix for Scotia Grendel as well.


Steve Weidner said...

If you're still looking for Votoms stuff, HLJ has three 1/48 sets for 70+% off. I did a writeup here of the chaos space set. I'll save you the searching:

Assemble Troopers
Revenge of Red Shoulder
Chaos Space