Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Yesterday I completed a fitness test successfully. That may not sound too much of a big deal but in all my years in the mob, I have never failed a fitness test. Is it because I am super fit? No. Is it because the test is really easy? No. Then why have I always passed? I would say that I am fairly fit but need just a little effort and personal pride to pass...that and the fact that I would never be able to face myself in the mirror again if I failed.

Today, I got to conduct a parade. It was only a small affair...a Dress Uniform inspection for about 30 troops. There we all were, looking highly pressed and polished and I felt genuine pride in the troops under my command. The inspection went well but the one thing that always makes me smile is when people have known me for a long time but have never seen me conducting drill...or HEARD me for that matter. There are always comments of surprise after the fact because of the volume I can create using my fairly slight frame.

I haven't slept for a few days so I am extremely tired. It must be showing because our snooty little cat usually ignores me but at the moment he is being sociable with me. I think it is down to the fact he can't see very much of my eyes...

The regime has started. After reading all of the side effects and taking note of all of the things I shouldn't have had prior to taking them, I have finally started the anti-malaria medication. There aren't usually too many side-effects but I have never taken the meds before so I am hoping that I don't suffer 'nightmares, loss of sleep, chest pains, depression...or even...wanting to kill myself!!!" How can you possibly feel safe taking medication when one of the side effects is "there is a slight possibility that you may feel like killing yourself"...the best bit is that it also says "if you show signs of any of the side effects...stop taking the medication!"...Now I don't want to sound condescending here but "DUUUHHH!!!"

The trouble is...now that I have taken the anti-malarials, I don't feel happy taking any meds to help my sleep so it is down to hope and a bit of luck.

I have started to paint another Halo Grymn. He is looking...bright! Obviously, he isn't the green crewman for the artillery gun, he's the other one. I've finished converting the gunner now. he needs the green-stuff to dry before getting any paint. The trouble is that I can't paint too precisely at the moment so I'm limited to undercoat and block painting...

At least I have a cup of de-caf tea to keep me sane...good old PG Tips!

See you through the arrow slits.

Typical Cat...

I saw a cat,
The cat saw me.
I said hello,
It turned to flee.
I caught the cat,
it scratched at me.
I stroked the cat,
It struggled free.
I watched the cat,
Climb up a tree.
And there it sat
And glared at me.


Brandlin said...

hang in there steve.

Inso said...

Don't worry about me...I've put a days leave in and will re-set with a sleeping tablet later.

It isn't anything unusual...I just mention when I'm really tired so that expectations aren't too high with regard to my hobby output.

I'm used to the ebb and flow of insomnia and it is quite easy to get used to but you just have to learn when 'enough is enough' and you have to re-set your sleep.

It's a bit like having a pet. It saps your energy, leaves you inconvenienced and occasionally needs telling off...if it was a cat, I may have strangled it by now ;)!!!

mrteufel said...

Nice little poem. :)

Inso said...

Thanks :).

The funny thing is, I wrote it as I thought it and it ended up with exactly the right number of lines...that doesn't normally happen.

It is also just like real cats...

Unless they are called Rocky who would rip your face off soon as look at you and then be as cheerful and friendly as a kitten...