Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday teaser...

I guess it is Thursday again and another week is flying by at a great pace.

I have another two, welcome, followers and they are FabesMinis and the titan. Welcome to my humble blog! I hope you enjoy your stay and be sure to post comments if you feel the need.

At the moment, it doesn't look like I will be working the fingers crossed there. That means that I may actually have something to update with on Sunday.

This week I have been working the late shift which goes from 16-30hrs to 23-30hrs...but I have to be there early and stay late for the handovers/takeovers because, for my sins, I am the rectification controller. Add to that the fact that I have so far this week had dental appointments, inoculations, hearing tests, medical briefings and all manner of other stuff to do before I have gone to work and you will realise that there hasn't been much time for much else.

Going to Kenya is a major administrative undertaking!

...however, time flows like a ebbs and flows like a tide...

...and I have actually managed to get quite a lot done on the quiet.

The urban Grymn are ticking along nicely. I have weapons, helmet straps, visors and squad markings to go on them...which is not a lot for my urban scheme because it is bleeping labour intensive!

Add to that my...SECRET project which is also ticking along nicely but you'll get to see more of that at the weekend.

I have also managed to get a bit of plasticard cutting done and have partially assembled the first of many drive bogeys for my Grymn tunnel-fighter, transport vehicles. They are slightly larger than I first thought but they will work okay, once I get a bit further long as I can keep the height down to a minimum.

Well, that's about it for now. Hopefully, I'll get some time off over the weekend and get a bit more hobby stuff finished...I guess we'll just have to see.

See you through the mud and the blood and the beer...(Johnny Cash; A Boy Named Sue).


Anonymous said...

Next you need to build some tunnels for your tunnelfighters to fight in!

Inso said...

so much to do and so little time...and space.

I don't build takes too much time and takes up too much space...but I guess I may get around to building some at some point...who knows?