Sunday, 13 June 2010

...part 2...

I have been asked for an army pic for the tunnel fighters so I thought...why not? As a result, here are pix of my army. They are very similar but I haven't been able to get really clear pix of them so I posted the two best ones:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

...and in other news, I'd like to welcome two more followers; phillipcurran2008 and Bill B. Welcome to my blog and enjoy your stay!

Will there be more updates today? Who knows?

...but rest assured, my No1 Uniform fits me perfectly and is almost ready for inspection (apart from pressing a shirt) so I am pretty stoked about that...lots of effort spared there!

See you through the tall grass!


Le snot à barbe said...

Truly impressive sight Inso ! Your commitment to the Grymn cause is highly commendable sir.
Take care of yourself in Kenya !

inrepose said...

They are all looking very nice. What rules are you planning on using for them and what opposition would they face?

Inso said...

Thanks :).

Kenya should be OK, just a bit 'basic' worse than Iraq, I would imagine.

I don't wargame so I haven't really thought about rule-sets...however, they could easily be made to fit in with a WH40K Imperial Guard list or even something in Void1.1...maybe Viridian/VASA?

Opposition could be anything from bugs/Tyranids/giant worms(Dune?)/or even Mushroom men. If they went top-side, they could fight anyone.