Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday's update and...where there was one... there are two...

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Here is an all round view of my first HALO Grymn:

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On to an all round view of the second one:

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This picture has been taken, to show where the additional bits of armour are placed. This one was a little more tricky to build because I ended up having to sculpt fingers on to the stock hand:

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I don't see myself making many more of these because they seem to be super-soldiers so you don't need many of them...that said...I have been known to change my mind sometimes...

So...where do the HALO Grymn fit in to the big scheme of things? Well, I thought they would be a nice addition to my Grymn urban army. I think the urban army is the one that is most representative of the ground forces in the video game so that makes them perfect for the HALO Grymn to join.

Speaking of the Grymn urban army, I have been thinking about how to paint the ground forces so that they aren't covered in little squares. With that in mind, I have come up with a couple of similar schemes; with one being slightly darker than the other. Have a look at this pic:

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If you are feeling VERY helpful, please leave a comment to say which one you like the best... either the light armour on the left of the screen or the dark armour on the right. At the moment, I am erring on the dark armour side but I am open to suggestions...please leave a comment to help me decide.

If you don't want to leave a comment that's fine but could you please vote in the poll over on the right hand side...I'd really appreciate the input :).

What else has been going on in Inso's World? Well, I guess I buckled. I wasn't going to just yet...but I ended up ordering six A10 tank-buster (Warthogs) from an on-line model shop. They have since arrived and they are very cool. They have a LOT of additional missiles/rockets/bombs and are perfect for my idea to convert them to Grymn ground-attack aircraft. I have gone for 1/144 scale for the kits because I wanted to keep them small...they won't, however, end up looking too much like an A10...I have bigger plans for them :).

I have been busy wheeling and dealing and have sold a few bits and bobs from my unpainted collection. That means that my Pay-pal account is starting to collect funds for buying more Grymn for the tunnel-fighter army. I have decided to make my collection fund long that will last, I can't say...but it is a nice thought.

On a final note...the weather is absolutely stunning today. I am off to the supermarket very shortly and I can imagine that the day will follow on with the F1 Grand Prix and football on the television...ah the joys of a sport-mad family...that means I won't get disturbed while I am painting!

See you through the purple patch!


Digitarii said...

I prefer the darker version. The details seem to pop more on that one.

Mahon @ said...

I voted for the darker version. I think it's not only better, but even MUCH better. I can hardly explain it but I like it more.

As for the HALO grymn, they do really look very HALO. Good job on them. I've never been a HALO fan, so if I recognized them easily even before reading - you did a good job on them!

Keep them coming :)

Le snot à barbe said...

I too prefer the darker one. Though I'd do the trousers the same blue as the shoulders pads