Monday, 28 June 2010

A Monday morning update?

I'm on night-shift why on earth am I up at this time of the morning? Well, my baby girl has just turned 13 and I wanted to be around when she opened her birthday presents...13...13!!! GOOD GOD where has the time gone!??

Well, seeing as I'm here I'd like to welcome the latest follower to Inso's World; digitarii. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your travels through my world of...stuff!

What else? Well I worked feverishly on Blue yesterday but didn't get it based in time to get photographs taken last I've got them for you this morning instead. Here is Blue with his friends Red and Green:

Click the Pic!

...and here's the all-round view:

Click the Pic!

For the more observant amongst you, you will have noticed that the WIP picture of this one didn't have the channel around the helmet filled in with Green Stuff...this one (like the others) has had the channel filled in.

Have a nice day!

See you through the reed-beds!

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