Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I am not in the best of moods. I appear to have some sort of bug that has not only made me feel nauseous and dizzy but very tired as well. As a result I am doing a little bit but not very often.

That said, I have started to write a bit more Grymn fiction that will no doubt appear on my other blog at some point soon. I have also been painting the last ten Grymn tunnel fighters and have them all base-coated, ready for a tidy up before washes are applied.

What else have I done? Well...

...I have a 15mm weapon stamp made. I plan on stamping some green/brown stuff to make moulds for green/brown stuff weapons which can be fixed to the Dwarfs once they are dry. I will be using more putty to attach them so there won't be the issue with weapons falling off (during casting) by using glue. Now all that remains is to see whether everything works...if it doesn't, it will be back to the drawing board again.

Anything else? Of course there is! We have another follower. I'd like to welcome 'Jack of all games' to the blog! Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your stay.

I find one of the interesting things about the various followers who have joined is what blogs they like to visit. Some of the followers are here to attract more hits to their blog (by following thousands of blogs) and others have a small area of interest which is reflected in the blogs that they follow. When I get a new follower, I have a brief flick through their favourite blogs to get an idea of why they are here and quite often, I am pleasantly surprised to find some fantastic links.

It is always worth while exploring the follower's blog list...you never know what you'll find!

You could say that as much as they visit to gain interest for themselves...the followers trade in kind with sharing their blog lists with us all!

See you through the dusty sky!

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