Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday and a small update.

After all the excitement of getting parcels yesterday, I have come down to earth with a bit of a bump. I have spent quite a lot of time assembling and converting the next 6 tunnel fighters (that arrived yesterday) and have just this minute finished undercoating I don't have any pix of them to show off. The good news is that I now have all of the tunnel fighters I need to finish off all of the basic troop squads...and only have 4 more to convert. That means that pretty soon I'll be focusing on getting some of the more unusual components of the army...starting with this guy:

Click the Pic!

He will be acting as a local guide for the commander...speaking of the commander, I have put a bit more putty on him; not to mention his big, robotic helper too...unfortunately, they are still pretty unfinished so I haven't taken any pix.

On to other things...I went to see Clash of the Titans at the cinema (great action film ruined by blurry 3d effects), dyed my 12 year old daughter's hair RED (and my wife didn't kill me), received my copy of Ancible magazine through the post (another GREAT read) and have been toying with the idea of building YET ANOTHER armoured personnel carrier; this time with wheels...

All that and I didn't get an Easter Egg :(...never mind...I had crumpets with home made Damson Jam from the local market (which was much tastier than a chocolate egg).

What else...


See you in the funny papers (what book is that from?...answers on a postcard ;) ).

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Kobold said...

Chocolate eggs are over rated ;) I'm intrigued by the Ewok peltast figure you posted pictures of - How does he/she fit into the Tunnel Fighters' universe?