Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Day that will be Infamous!

A while ago, I was reading some posts on the Forum of Doom and someone mentioned that there were no Dwarf deep-sea divers and that they would be a cool miniature to make for 28mm scale. By the end of the week, I had finished the sculpt below:

Click the Pic!

I just sent it to the guy who started the original post and thought nothing of it. Next thing I know, I get an e-mail from him saying it was going in to get cast and that we would come to some arrangement as to whether it should be a profit/charity thing...

...again I just thought 'the charity thing' would be a better route to go (it was a bit of a joke sculpt after all) and completely forgot about it...until this morning.

I recently put an order in to Hasslefree Miniatures for...MORE GRYMN...and there was a surprise in with the ordered miniatures:

Click the Pic!

Not only was it a fantastic surprise but it represents two things:

1) It is my first full-sculpt that has been cast.
2) It has my tag on the base tag 'Insomniac'...that makes it MINE!

What happens to this miniature is out of my hands because it was a gift to the guy who suggested the whether or not it will be sold is up to him but I hope that it will turn up somewhere soon and that it will start making a small amount of money for some deserving charity (my hope would be the British Legion or Help for Heroes).

Colour me happy :) !

See you through the mist of joyful tears!


John Lambshead said...

Well done, John

Alan said...

what a legacy to leave! remember to keep about a hundred of these to flog off when you become a famous sculptor in the future!

Le snot à barbe said...

Nice storie and a nice move from both of you.
Now what about a grymn grave-bike ?

Anonymous said...

Very cool! D'ya think it'll encourage you to move forward on some of your current sculpting projects?

Inso said...

Thanks for the comments :).

Grymn grav-bike? - Maybe.

Current sculpting projects? What, my tunnel fighters and the characters that are going along side them? I need no encouragement for those.

What particular sculpts are you referring to (I have so many on the go)?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking your 15mm dwarves.

Inso said...

I thought you might have been...

...they are nagging at me at the moment so they may be re-started soon...