Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I wasn't going to post today but seeing as I have got two new followers, I thought I'd change my mind.

Welcome to The Bearded Snot and ARTE EM PAPEL RECICLIADO CARLOS! They are both well met and are both from I can say I now have international connections! I know the Bearded Snot from some on-line trading (tanks for Kroot) and have also visited ARTE EM's site, which has some interesting and artistic ways to recycle paper.


There is about 6 inches of snow outside and I am off to work in about 20 minutes time. Fortunately, it is a reasonably short walk as not a lot of the roads are clear. I am on night shifts at the moment and am enjoying playing with the helicopters again! Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of flying going on at the moment so all the work we are doing is just to keep them READY to fly...

Onto other things, my Tyranids are ticking along nicely. I now have all 20 Gaunts painted (only the bases to go...I will paint all of the bases at the same time so they all look the same) and have got on to the highlighting stage of the Warriors. So far, the Warriors are base-coated, washed and have had the first layer of highlights on the plates. They also have had their mouths all painted one more highlight on the 3 of them and they will be done (except for the bases).

I have been quite lucky too. I had 29 Rippers and needed one more (I plan to put 3 on each base)...after a bit of a root through my bits box, I found one extra so I am ready to make ten bases worth! I have gone for 3 each base due to the Codex stating that the little swarms have 3 I will be magnetising the Rippers to remove them when they take wounds (effectively, they become their own wound markers). Currently, the Rippers are all basecoated and washed ready for the next stage.

The Carnifex is a big beast and has been assembled for ages. That has caused me concern as I may be taking it to bits to change the arm positions a bit...that could be interesting!

I have to go to work so I'll say farewell for now.

There should be pix of the finished Gaunts and Warriors very soon!

See you through the misty breath of a cold, cold evening!