Sunday, 3 January 2010

The first Sunday of 2010.

I guess it is Sunday again but alas I have failed to get anything done AGAIN!

All I have managed to do is badly paint the eyes on the 20 Gaunts and the tongues on the ones that have them stuck out a bit.

...but enough of my horrendous failings (I had so many plans for the Christmas holidays that I'm not surprised I didn't actually achieve any of them)...I did manage to do other stuff.

Today, after going food shopping, me and my lad went for a nice little jog around where we live. I don't think he did too bad seeing as it was about 4 miles...we didn't stop or walk at I was quite impressed.

I have finally gone wireless...I was putting it off because I thought it would be a lot of hassle to sort out my BT Home Hub...but 20 minutes later and we were all getting broadband on all of our laptops...which impressed the children no-end.

I also managed to watch a DVD the other evening (I already mentioned it as I watched it on New Years Eve) that I was wanting to see for a long time...District 9.

So...District 9...How was it?

Well it was completely different to what I was expecting. It is basically a film about a bunch of aliens that turn up on Earth, they are undernourished and as a 'humanitarian' project, they are put into an area to live on Earth. The trouble is that they keep reproducing, crime increases and the local human population are up in a government agency is sent in to move them to a new area...cue all sorts of excitement.

What got me was the similarities to the way the Nazis dealt with the Jews during WWII. They first moved them into the ghettos and then moved them on to concentration camps...

I also realised that there wasn't a decent human in the film...even the 'star' just carried out his duties like he was sweeping the drive...there was a point where he was unplugging the food supplies to 'baby' aliens in pods whilst saying "it's easy to abort them...just unplug this tube and they go to sleep..." Completely awful due to it being so matter of fact.

That said, I found the film compelling to watch. The back story was enthralling, the special effects were great (and just the right amount) and some of the 'sci-fi' bits were very well designed...especially the robot-suit. Be warned though, there were quite a lot of people being burst apart by the alien if a bit of gore isn't your thing then this film won't be.

I personally thought the film was well worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone (as long as they were above the age of the 15 rating).

Tomorrow, I start my first night shift at work so I have the day to prepare and maybe tidy up the mess I made of all those Gaunt eyes. I have to go to town to get my lad's hair cut ready for school but apart from that I will be building up for work...which is nice! I know what I'll get when I turn up..."where the hell were you over said you'd visit"...Ahhhh the best laid plans...

See you on the flip side!


Anonymous said...

Agreed on District 9. Great movie, not a pleasant chap amongst the lot of them.

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