Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday meanderings.

Before I start today's post, I'd like to welcome another new follower to my humble blog; Tom Crandall. Welcome Tom, I hope you find something of interest here!

I'm sorry to say that there are no new pix today...but by tomorrow's update there will be.

It has been a funny old week and one which has seen an excessive amount of tiredness...but on the bright side, it's the weekend so I have managed to catch up on a little bit of sleep.

So what have I been up to today?

First of all, the Land-mate is a bit more bulky but I am having difficulty with the sculpt due to not having a particularly effective frame to sculpt on. I can see myself scrapping it and starting again. That will mean that I will be able to work in the long term it will speed things up...Hmmm.

Next up, the superhero sculpt has been ticking along nicely. I have removed the head and put on a more realistic skull to sculpt on to. The upper arms are nearly done and work has started on the forearms. Apart from the costume, I have the following to finish:


So I reckon I'm going oOK on the superhero front.

For some reason, I am halfway through a 28mm scale Space Dwarf...I don't know why...I just am. It is destined to be a bigger version of the 15mm scale ones.

Speaking of the 15mm scale Dwarfs, I have started adding arms. It is amazing how much more like little people they look, just by adding an arm or two. I plan on having all 8 Dwarfs 'one armed' by the end of this evening so that I can think about adding the guns tomorrow. What I am doing is adding the 'firing' arm to each Dwarf; this will then have the weapon added, followed by the supporting arm. It will be quite a drawn out affair because I will have to sculpt each weapon individually and it will be a slow job to get them all looking the same. If I could have cast a few weapons, it would have made life easier...but I had never planned to do 15mm production miniatures so beggars can't be choosers I'm afraid. I may add a support weapon to the mix...but I'm not sure as yet.

"Are we going over the top sir?"
"Patience, lad. You'll get your hands on Fritz soon enough!"
"But sir, if I don't get out of this muddy trench soon, my feet will fall off with the trench foot!"
"Well, lad, if that happens, you'll be crawling across no-man's-land on your stumps!"

World War One was a terrible thing. Lots of trenches, lots of death and lots of mud. As part of a school project (my son's) we will be building a small model of a piece of trench; complete with sand bags, duck boards, barbed wire and a few troops (if they arrive from Renegade Miniatures, that is). It should be fun to build...especially since it has to be finished by Thursday!

That's it for now, my dinner is on the table!

See you an the hillside!


Phil C (Dizbuster) said...

That 15mm muscley dude would make a great `Hulk' zombie for Ambush Z

Inso said...

Sorry to disappoint you but he is 28mm scale. The only 15mm stuff you'll find on my blog (so far) are the 8 Space Dwarfs.