Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday and a goal reached!

I've managed to actually achieve something I set out to do, today. I managed to get all of the 15mm Space Dwarfs to the same stage:

Click the Pic!

I have just put my sculpting tools down and am pleased that after a day of little bit of sculpting, let it dry, little bit more sculpting, let it dry etc...I have finally got them all to a stage where I have to bite the bullet and start sculpting something new...ARMS!


It isn't very often I have 8 sculpts on the go and I'm glad that I have a bit of a distraction to take my mind off it...the super hero sculpt; BOB:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, BOB is getting beefier and beefier but that was the plan. He will be a Hulk style figure and as a result, needs to be suitably beefy! I'm quite happy with the way he is going because I want him to look a bit like a comic book character instead of a super realistic portrait.

I still have a way to go remember it is still a WIP!

On to other things...I have a blob on a stick! What do I mean? Well the blob on a stick is a skeleton for the 15mm scale Dwarf Land-mate. I would show you a picture...but it's just a BLOB ON A STICK!!!

I've started painting the Grymn pilot as well...but it isn't worth showing at the I won't.

Well...that's about it for now.

See you on the green!


Tom C said...

The Dwarfs are looking fantastic. I am really interested to see what your going to do with their heads more than their arms. There are so many options you could possibly come up with. Can not wait to see what you decide to do.

Also still interested in purchasing the greens if the price is right and you're wanting to sell. If were to get them, I would probably talk to David of Splintered Light Miniatures to sell them.

The fronts sort of remind me of the original police that are now in the Laserburn figure range.

Bob is also looking good. You know the way you have him sculpted right now with that white board, you could almost make him a Beefy Silver Surfer. To me, he already looks like he is surfing.


That's how you do it buddie, a little bit at a time. Keep these WIP's coming man, it's the good stuff.



Hey Tom C

David is a good guy I think.


Inso said...

Sorry to disappoint but I have already given first refusal to Critical Mass with these greens.

That said, if these turn out OK I may get a thirst for 15mm and sculpt a few more so don't lose hope.

I am grateful for the interest though :).

Tom C said...

Ah rats.

Well the guys at Critical Mass are really cool. I wouldn't have minded it going to them.

Well hopefully you will produce them or find someone who can produce them in short fashion. I would hate to have them sit on someones shelf without being produced.

Inso said...

To be honest, almost as soon as the first WIP pics were shown, Critical Mass were in contact.

I have been watching their Arc fleet miniatures with interest and I think that my Space Dwarfs would be honoured if they could find a place in the mercenary section.

Tom C: when you mentioned earlier about the cost of 15mm greens, I had no idea that you were specifically interested in the Dwarfs...sorry :(.

But like I said, if the Dwarfs turn out well, I may continue with a few more 15mm bits and bobs...I'm particularly keen to get some proper space lizards on the go...

Like I've said before, I really appreciate the interest and it has caught me a bit by surprise...

Tom C said...

I found the dwarf helmet you should use. Funny it is a limited edition White Dwarf

Inso said...

In my original post I said that these would be stocky Dwarfs with beards and big guns.

There is no way all of the White Dwarf's beard would fit in that tiny helmet...and it is a pressure helmet that would be sealed to his suit.

Also, if I put those helmets on my Dwarfs, you wouldn't see the beards...and that just wouldn't do.

My Dwarfs will be getting open faced helmets with visors. The open face of the helmet means you'll see the beard and the visors will mean it is easier to sculpt the faces :).

Just in case anyone is confused...these are 15mm Space Dwarfs. They are not 15mm versions of Games Workshop's Squats.

I just thought I'd clear that up.

Tom C said...

Just to make this clear. GW doesn't do squat or at least they haven't in quite some time. :)

Inso said...

They may not have made them for a while but there are still many people who would love to see them on sale again.

My comment about Squats was more to do with the visored helmet idea rather than anything any one said...I didn't want to get peoples hopes up for something I'm not aiming for.

Tom C said...

Actually, I never really even thought of Squats when I was looking at your sculpts. I just thought that helmet was sort of cool.

Still looking forward to seeing how the heads turn out.