Sunday, 20 September 2009

Another Sunday; another Update.

Yes it is Sunday again and I'd like to welcome two new followers to my blog. Welcome FRIEND AND FIEND and VesaM! I hope you enjoy your stay!

So, what have I been upto today (apart from going food shopping)? I'm glad you asked! To start with, I finished my little distraction, the Dwarf deep-sea diver:

Click the Pic!

Not bad considering I got the suggestion on Friday! Okay, it isn't perfect but I'd challenge anyone to say that it doesn't look like a deep-sea diver...only shorter!

I have also been fairly busy with the 15mm project:

Click the Pic!

I have added the rear plates to all of the Dwarfs and have progressed a little more with the leader. Obviously there is a long way to go but I'm a great believer in 'little and often'.

Away from actual sculpting, I have cleaned and based my Grymn pilot and his canine friend:

Click the Pic!

These are great little miniatures available from Hasslefree Miniatures (these were master castings that were available early, the normal casts will be available in a few weeks). I am quite looking forward to painting these...if I can get my painting MOJO back at some point!

For those of you who are interested in the Ogarix, he got some attention this weekend as well. He has had some work done on his arm and now has a finished arm with a much improved hand (the one holding the weapon) I haven't forgotten him!

On to other news, my son has to make a WWI trench for a school project. I have ordered a few troops from Renegade miniatures and some plasticard from Evil Mushroom. We have been doing a bit of research on-line and we are getting ready to start as soon as the bits and pieces arrive. It will be a bit of father/son long as I can keep my patience!

I have also ordered a bunch of sci-fi miniatures from Heresy Miniatures. I strongly suggest that people visit his shop and order some miniatures because he has a sale on at the moment with savings up to 35%. I also recommend that you read the news item on the Heresy mentions a few important things about the sale and why it is necessary...go over there and support Andy Foster...go!

You can tell people until you are blue in the face...but yopu can't make them listen! What am I talking about? Well, my wife has now been attacked by the same stray cat that had a go at me the other day. She now has a lovely scratch across her lip. I haven't been taking the mickey out of her ever since...honest!

Well, that is todays meandering finished with. Please visit Heresy Miniatures and support the cause.

I look forward to seeing you all agin soon!

See you on the opaque side!


Anonymous said...

Any plans on casting the dwarf diver? I'd totally buy one or two.

Inso said...

There wasn't...but it would seem that there is now.

As soon as I know what is going to happen, I'll let people know but I won't have control of it so we'll all have to wait and see.

I know that Hasslefree Miniatures have offered space in one of their moulds...