Saturday, 8 August 2009

Saturday reminiscing

It is Saturday and rather than showing pix of new stuff I thought I'd dig out my first complete Grymn army instead. This is my standard, temperate DPM camouflaged army and it is the only Grymn army (so far) that I have finished.

It is based on the now replaced Imperial Guard codex from Games Workshop. It uses the Grenadiers, Carapace armour, Ogryn Squad, Stormtroopers Squad and Special Weapon Squad doctrines.

It consists of:

Command platoon with 2 special weapon squads and a heavy weapon squad.
1 infantry platoon with command squad, two infantry squads and a small remnant squad.
1 infantry platoon with command squad & two infantry squads.
1 grenadier squad
1 sentinel squadron (a single sentinel).
1 Ogryn squad.
2 stormtrooper squad.

First up is the whole army:

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Next up is the command platoon with the command HQ at the front, a special flamer squad, a special sniper squad and a heavt rocket launcher squad:

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Next up is a squad of grenadiers (a troop choice that uses the stats for stormtroopers):

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This pic shows the first infantry platoon. There is a command squad at the front with two squads (each with a melta-gun and mini-gun) behind and a small remnants squad of five troops at the back:

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Another infantry platoon, this time the two squads have a grenade launcher and missile launcher:

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Finally we have a few support units. There is a Sentinel at the back, a small OGrymn squad and two small squads of Storm-troopers at the front (the heavy weapons are counted as plasma guns):

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Now I know that the photographs could be better but this is the first time I have had the whole army on the table at once and I am not used to taking wide angled pix of troops...I usually stick to a squad at most. One day, I'll actually learn to take decent pictures!

I'm sure there will be more pix soon so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

They look really great together!

From the planet Thubo.

Inso said...

Thank you!

It was about time I dug them out and took a family portrait.