Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wednesday is Cutting Day...

I have been driven to dig out the plasticard and have a go at something new. As you will see, this is only at the very early stages of filling out a shape but here is the beginning of a Grymn stealth fighter:

Click the Pic!

There are a few things to note about the design. First, the two intakes will merge into a central exhaust outlet that will be shrouded for stealth properties.

The front will have a narrower 'pod' which will jut out further than the front is now and will have a pair of canards for control and frontal lift (what with the wings being quite far back) and will also contain an angular cockpit.

It will have a standard tricycle undercarriage (with wheels).

Weapons haven't been thought about yet...

...So, who do we blame for this sudden burst of plastic chopping madness? Brandlin:

Check out the drop is very inspiring.

See you on the dark side!


Alan said...

Hey Inso - thanks for the comments and the reference!!

Your fighter is looking good. The great thing about stealth technology from a modelling point of view is that angles and slab sides are I! so little or no problems with curved surfaces! Much easier!

Can we get pics next to a figure for scale?joy

Inso said...

Sorry mate, missed this one...

...I'll get a scale pic sorted tomorrow (when there is a bit more progress...hopefully).

straight edges are what I live for!

Alan said...

"straight edges are what I live for!"

except on women?

Inso said...

...goes without saying, that one ;).