Monday, 13 July 2009

Monday with a bump.

Rain, rain, rain...anyone would have thought I had the day off work...

I have been on-line a lot today and have ordered a few bits and pieces to satisfy my current craving. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a plastic kit of a Scopedog in 1/60 scale but I did manage to find a die-cast action figure in the required it wasn't all bad. I also had to buy a few extras to meet the minimum order I have a couple of 1/35 scale Votoms kits coming as well. It is a shame that I couldn't get the kit that I wanted but I think what I did buy will at least be a point in the right direction...we'll see I guess. The downer is that I had to send them to my mother-in-law's because I'm in the process of moving so I'll have to wait a few weeks to get my hands on them.

In between bouts of web-wandering, I have managed to finish off my Interpol troops:

Click the Pic!

Yes...I could have added a few more highlights...yes I could have added some insignia...but I think that they look OK as they are and have a certain dark-inconspicuousness so that they could be standing at a street corner and you wouldn't really notice they were there...

...well, apart from varnish, they are done so they will be packed away for the move very soon.

As you may have noticed, I am not quite as dour today. I haven't drunk a bottle of Merlot and I am not dwelling on the sadness of war. Every now and then, it seems that these things just catch up with you...better out than in and all that.

I haven't a clue what hobby meanderings will be gracing these pages over the next couple of weeks because all but a few of my miniatures are packed away and I don't feel that I can get my teeth into a big project until I'm unpacked in my new you never know, there may be a surprise or two.

See you on the dark side!

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