Sunday, 3 May 2009

Is it Sunday Already?!

I'd really love to be able to show you lots of pix tonight...but none have appeared so I can't. Inso has had a family day and has been busy shopping and watching DVDs.

Fortunately, before all the normal stuff went on, Inso got up bright and early, left his family to their sleep and did a spot of painting. He reckons that tomorrow he'll have the first of his Genetic Infantry squads painted (but not based)...all he needs to do is highlight 5 pairs of trousers and finish off their weapons and he's done.

Hopefully, we'll see some pix tomorrow.

On to other things...Codex Imperial Guard.

Inso has had a bit of a read and has decided that although the doctrine system from the old codex has gone, there are plenty of positives to be found.

First up, you can now field armoured cavalry as the infantry platoon squads can all now have Chimeras.

There are a few new squads: penal legionaries and psyker squads.

There are veteran options to allow you to give your veterans (now a troop choice) Grenadiers or other disciplines (they allow them to take special equipment or skills).

Tanks, Valkyries and Sentinels are now all taken in squadrons of 1 to 3 (so you can have 3 for one Heavy Support/Fast attack choice).

Lots of other good things are in there as all in all, the Codex is a change for the better (except for the lack of the Carapace armour doctrine :( ... As far as Inso is concerned, he'll just pay a few extra points and give all his Grymn carapace armour anyway! He doesn't game so he doesn't really care that much about the letter of the laws...although the framework helps him to set limits on his armies).

So...tomorrow...finished squad of Genetic Infantry.

After that...who knows?!

Catch you later!

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