Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cryptic Messages...

Gibberish, that's what I'd call it! I had a rather odd chat with Inso today...he obviously hasn't been sleeping too well lately because he couldn't pronounce some of the words properly (and had to be asked to repeat what he was saying numerous times). I eventually got the gist of what he was saying but some of it didn't make much sense.

Inso has been buying things from E-bay again and that is what he was telling me about. First up, he's gone and bought ANOTHER Tiger APC. It is another new and boxed one and that brings his total to 6 now (or it will when it arrives). On a different note, he said he had won something else that cures the whole Starship problem for his little Grymn Starship Crew project. All he would say apart from that is that it is big is that it isn't resin and comes ready assembled. I tried to prize a bit more info from him but all he would say is that it was perfect for his needs and will look great with a few little conversions and all painted up in spaceship colours (whatever they may be).

Away from E-Bay, Inso bought some more greenstuff and some clayshapers from Heresy Miniatures. As usual, the wormhole delivery system got the parcel to his door in a day so he was very happy. He has been meaning to buy some clayshapers for ages but could never find the right time to do it. It was only when he was walking around town with his wife, talking about stuff in general, that he was TOLD to buy them! Some people are very lucky to have understanding wives

Apart from a bit of online shopping, not a lot has been going on because Inso has had an 'interesting' week at work and by the time he has got home, he really hasn't had the enthusiasm for anything apart from tea, food and bed.

On his table are the two Golgo sculpts, 12 Tyranids (in various states of paint) and the little girl Mystic from his starship crew.

It is a beautiful evening in Inso's World. The sun is shining, his children are outside playing, he isn't at work until tomorrow and he has a nice cup of tea to drink...what could be better?

Catch you later!


Mr Teufel said...

I'm very interested in what you've found to 'solve the starship problem'!

Inso said...

I think the starship will be kept a bit secret until it has some paint on it. It will be something unexpected but if it works out the way it is planned it will look pretty spiffy!

The good thing is that it doesn't need very much converting...just it should be a pretty quick turn around.

It hasn't arrived yet but I think it will get lots of attention the moment it arrives!