Monday, 25 May 2009

The Banks are on Holiday...

...And so is Inso. Today he got up late, did the shopping, went out with the family and generally had a lazy day. The Tyranids got no paint...not a single splash. However, for some reason, Inso dug out part of another project and has finished it off (apart from the base...he is waiting for inspiration to finish that). So, without further ado, here is Sensai Alissandra, keeper of the sacred knowledge and one of the Starship Crew:

Click the Pic!

Inso has kept the scheme simple so as to emphasise the 'monastic' idea behind her and her little novices (the two blade wielding children). Think of her as a martial arts expert without compare who trains her novices in all sorts of combat, diet, mental skills and chi-power manipulation to turn them into wise and utterly devastating fighting machines. Who needs Jedi powers when you can already break stone with your bare hands?

I really can't say what will come next but I guess that Inso has burnt himself out for a short while on the Tyranid front...maybe?

Catch you later!

Well...I guess not as later as I'd hoped. Inso just sent me this; Kieran the novice:

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Surely there won't be any more updates tonight...

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