Monday, 6 April 2009

Monday Madness...

First up, welcome to ichawkins our latest follower!

Have you ever had one of those days where you put a few bids on E-bay expecting to be out-bid...but you win all the things that you bid on? Inso has. In fact, he had one of those moments on Sunday evening when he found out that he had won all of the items he bid on. Fortunately it wasn't like the last time it happened (first time on E-bay...£125-00 spent on model kits and that wasn't including postage!) because he only won two items. The down side is that he ended up paying £15-00 on a resin kit that would have cost £4-00 new and £12-00 on something that should have cost £7-00 new. Well, the items are Ground Zero Games resin vehicles and they were recently withdrawn from sale (due to problems with resin production) so some time in the near future, I'm sure that we'll get a few pix.

Inso has been attacked by Nurgle's Rot! He has a sore throat and some dizziness but the most weird part is that he has some really swelled up glands in his neck. In his own words 'I look like a frog' hasn't stopped him going to work though.

This weekend is a bit longer than usual, what with it being Easter. Inso has Friday and Monday off as well as Saturday and Sunday so he is planning to do a spot of sculpting. In fact, he has been saying lately that he needs to sort out his obligations. From what I understand, that would be a pair of Golgo Island sculpts, a pair of sculpts on pipes (the tobacco burning type) and maybe even a few Halflings. With everything that has been going on in the Inso household lately, he has got a bit behind with his 'things for other people' so he needs to catch up a bit.

Well that is about it for now.

Catch you later!

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Banana Tyrant said...

Oho - I did read "pair of Golgo sculpts"... :-D