Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday Triumph!

All the pix are now back!

Some may appear blurry but that is down to re-sizing them. If you click on any of the pix you will get better ones, with a sharper image and usually a bit bigger size.

Inso hasn't done any hobby work for the last day or so and today he went and did something completely different. He went to a his friend's, child's birthday party and spent 3 hours painting faces! By the end of the party there were quite a few tigers, a couple of skull faces, a werewolf and enough little butterflies to fill up a collector's display case. Inso said it was good fun but his legs were killing him by the end as he had to lean forward in his chair all the time and concentrate on what he was doing.

I'm not sure what is on the hobby-cards for the foreseeable future but if I know Inso, I'm sure the pix will be turning up thick and fast, any time soon.

Catch you later and remember...

...Click the pix!