Friday, 20 February 2009

Friday Picture Updates.

I'm sure that everyone who has visited Inso's World over the last day or so have noticed all the signs about moved photos.

Well, I am currently sorting through all the missing pix and uploading them from the PC rather than linking them from the on-line photo album.

There are two things to note on this process.

1. It is taking a little time. I have done 3 months so far and have 11 to go!
2. The pics that are on view are not the best quality. That means that in order to see the pix in their proper glory, you'll need to click on them.

I can see what Inso is trying to do and it would appear that the buzz word is CONSOLIDATION. He wants to set his court in order before he continues much further, that way things will be easy to navigate through, on his on-line album. Inso has been telling me about doing this update for a while now and I guess he just decided that now was the time.

With pictures in mind, Inso is also in the process of sorting out a light tent for his miniature photography. He has said that he is likely to buy one rather than build one so that it folds flat and does the job without too much extra effort. Hopefully his picture quality will improve and be more 'standardised' than it has been...we'll see.

Well...remember to click on the pix to get a better view and I'll catch you later!

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