Sunday, 8 February 2009

Another Sunday, another update.

To continue the haphazard approach that Inso has to his hobby, he sent me this picture of some Space Rangers from Em4 miniatures:

They are plastic, single pose miniatures that come 5 to a pack at £2-50 a not bad at all for 50p a piece. I think he has started to paint these blue to escape from all the camouflage he has been painting lately.

Next up is more progress on the Big Tank project:

As far as Inso is concerned, he is going through the gap filling phase at the moment and fleshing out various areas. During this process, he has built up the turret a little, added a little detail to the main gun, added a bit more thickness to the side skirts (so the tracks look more at home) and added further shape to the rear of the tank and the track guards.

One thing Inso has mentioned is that there is a further layer of plastic to go over the entire tank, so the roughness of the edges will not stay.

There is still a lot of work to do but Inso has a few days off work and with all the snow, it looks like he may stay in for long enough to progress things.

Catch you later!


Comyn said...

Good to see the standard troopers. All the pics I've seen have the heavy weapons. I may go for these just for fun.


Anonymous said...

Tank is coming along nicely. :)

Vermis said...

Turret and gun are looking great, Inso. EM4 troopers: definitely not bad for the price. The single pose would get to me if I tried to build up an army, though.

Inso said...

Em4 Troopers: Nice for the price but I would tend to agree with Vermis on the single pose issue...unless of course you were using them for Tzeentch Marines, then row upon row of the same warrior would show off the 'empty shell' aspect of them well.

The Tank is slowly getting there. I'm a bit stuck on the turret at the moment so I'm cracking on with the hull!

Thanks for the comments.