Sunday, 28 December 2008

Someone's been painting his Nakka!

Inso sent this over today. It is a pic of an Ogre that he bought from Heresy miniatures and is called Nakka:

Of course, it wouldn't have benn right for him to leave it as it was (a fantasy Ogre) so he made a few alterations:

It will be perfect as a leader for the other 4 Trenchcoat Gangers that he has bought from Heresy. He has deliberately left the base plain so that he can decide what to do with it when he has painted the whole gang.

Catch you later!


Anonymous said...

Yellow's hard to paint - good job!

I figure you're going to dullcote hime down a bit, he seems a bit shiny right now. And your changes have added even more character to the figure. It's obvious he has trouble finding clothes in his size. :D

Inso said...


Yep, the matt varnish and basing will be done when his gang mates are finished as well.