Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve.

All the presents are wrapped in the Inso household and the cook book is on the table ready for tomorrow's goose to get cooked (Inso always cooks Christmas dinner when he's not out and about doing the Queen's bidding). Everything is winding down and getting ready for the big day. I was, therefore, quite surprised to get a pic sent through:

This one is Lt.Hardiman; leader of the 'Clanker' squadron. He is the first of ten mechanical walkers; affectionately known as Clankers by the Grymn. He is armed with a flame-thrower and power-fist and has improved sensor equipment and a command communications system.

I have it on good authority that there is another Clanker on the table ready to be painted. It is currently undercoated but it is doubtful that much else will happen to it until Boxing Day. Inso has also seen sense and has removed the bulk of the Assault Platoon from the table so that he can focus on the first fire-team without being distracted by the rest.

In other news, Inso recently received a parcel from Heresy miniatures. It contained an Ogre (called Nakka) and four Trenchcoat Gangers. Nakka is sitting on the table in the process of getting a trenchcoat sculpted on; he's already been given a large pistol to replace his axe but he will also need some cool glasses to be added so that he matches the rest of the gangers...seeing as he is going to be their leader!

Well...that's it for now.

To everyone who reads this Blog, I hope you have a merry Christmas/happy holiday season and enjoy the New Year celebrations.

Catch you later!


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas!

Saw Nakka on FoD. Very impressive.

Inso said...

Thankyou and a late merry christmas to you sir!

Nakka is nearly painted so the finished product will be on here quite soon.