Thursday, 31 July 2008


It has been a very long time coming but Inso has finally finished painting his heavy weapon squad for his Mechanised Grymn:

While he was there, he also finished the other spare Grymn that he started a while ago:

UPDATE...Image lost in time and space!

Inso says that he plans to paint a few more just to make a 'remnant' squad for one of his platoons but he hasn't decided how many or when he will paint them.

Once the remnants are done...that will be it for the army! Well...the other Drop Trooper squad may still be for this army but the Drop Troops are a slightly different paint scheme so don't necessarily have to be attached to any specific army.

I suppose it is one of those 'we'll see' things...

...what I am sure of is that he is chuffed to have finished this squad that has been sitting unpainted for SO LONG!!!

What will come next? Who knows?

Catch you later.

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