Sunday, 27 July 2008

A few minor updates...

I've not heard a lot from Inso lately but he did manage to send me a few pix of his latest work. Here is the final member of the Drop Trooper squad, the specialist:

And here he is with all his friends in the completed squad:

As these are going to be used as Storm Troopers with the 'deep strike' capability, Inso says he needs to decide what weapon the specialist is carrying. He reckons that it is probably best suited as a plasma gun (seeing as he already has converted melta guns in his army elsewhere).

Inso also mentioned that he has another identical squad, in black undercoat waiting to be painted.

However, he has decided not to paint them until he has finished the heavy squad that has been sat in the same state, on his painting table since he got back from the Gulf. That said, he has actually started painting them again and has completed the heads! Now all he has to do is paint the boots, gloves, pouches, weapons and base rims...not a lot!!!

Catch you later.

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