Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunday...or Monday Eve...

God it's depressing, isn't it? You work all week to have the weekend off and then BOOM!'s Monday again.

Well what happened today? A new paint job started. A fifth Mystic Warrior has been cleaned up, based and undercoated. There is the odd patch of base-coat colour but Inso hasn't got much more than that done. Of course, there isn't ACTUALLY a fifth Mystic Warrior yet so Inso had to convert one. He's told me not to say too much more so what I will say is that it will have face paint like the others and also has a sword. Not a lot but that's all your getting for now.

The other four Mystic Warriors got some varnish.

We've had a typical English day today. We've had brilliant sunshine, freezing cold, hail, snow and rain all in one day. It's great being English!

Catch you later.

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Anonymous said...

There's another one?!

Now you've go my curiosity piqued!