Monday, 7 April 2008


There is little to say today that wasn't covered yesterday. Inso has painted a small amount on his latest Mystic Warrior but not enough to show off. He hasn't been able to do too much tonight because he has been doing homework again.

Whether it is because of appraisals or going away again, Inso has been sleeping less and less. Although it will mean that he becomes more and more imaginative, it also means that he becomes too tired to put his ideas down on paper or as painted miniatures. Come the end of the week we will see, as he will have finished his appraisals.

Next week Inso is on holiday. He is planning on sorting out kit, painting miniatures, preparing for Salute and tidying up his 'hobby spaces' ready to leave his family without the worry of tripping over his stuff. There is likely to be quite a lot going on...but I can't guarantee that it will be too hobby related. As I keep saying...we'll have to wait and see!

Catch you tomorrow.

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