Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday gloom.

Inso is not very happy tonight. He was on the verge of finishing the fifth Mystic Warrior...he only had some black lining to do. What happened? Because he is so tired, he managed to drop the mini into his black paint. Instead of taking pix, he has had to repair the paint job and will not be finishing tonight. He said that he's not painting any more tonight because he has lost the enthusiasm for it.

Well, what else is there to say? We'll start with E-bay. Inso has had a few bids in and has had mixed fortunes. He lost the bid for a bunch of Syntha stuff but won a couple of bids on some more Vasa and Veridian marines from Void. He is now waiting for another 10 minis to arrive to bolster his Void forces.

Next up is a little something that Inso likes to call his little kitties. Whilst surfing over at Frothers Unite, he noticed that Matakishi has a new miniature for sale...a little fat cat that is the same as his mascot; so he bought 2 and will be painting them up to look like his two family pets. The miniatures will be joining his wife's collection of cats, on the fire place.

Last night Inso finished his last appraisal and can relax easy tonight. It took an absolute age for him to find the right words so he didn't get any painting done. As a result, I didn't post last night.

Tomorrow Inso and his family are off to visit his family so that he can say his farewells before going to the Gulf so there will be little hobby stuff done.

The WH40k Grymn army list is coming along nicely. Weapon stats are nearly complete and the unit listings and details are starting to be written. Inso has said that he is having a few problems with some of the terminology but has said that it won't stop him plodding on. Pretty soon, he'll have a few hints as to which direction his army list is going.

Inso is on leave for a week now so he's already planning what to do. Obviously he has a lot of preparations to make, both for the Gulf and Salute (it's NEXT SATURDAY!!!) but I'm sure there will be time for a bit of painting, converting or whatever...

Well, I think that is about enough for today.

Catch you later!


Anonymous said...

Aargh! How frustrating, dropping the mini like that!

Inso said...

It is! But things like that happen when you're tired. I'm amazed it didn't bounce off a wall and end up in the bin...instead it got finished and is in Saturdays post.