Thursday, 20 March 2008

Thursday's child... full of port!

Yes I am (in the words of Paul Whitehouse) very drunk!

I have a day off tomorrow and then the YAY for Easter (even though I don't follow the religion...well not too much anyway :) ).

Inso has the same time off, as the RAF feel the need to let their troops have bank holidays they should!

I haven't heard a thing from Inso today...not that I would have had too much interest, I am in no mood for miniatures today...let's talk about...Buddy Holly.

Where would Elvis have been if Buddy Holly hadn't died in that plane crash with the Big Bopper and Ricky Valens? I'll tell you where...the back of the line, that's where! Buddy Holly was on the verge of becoming the greatest rock'n'roll star of all time..but fate cut his life short, along with so much other talent and the dregs were left behind.

I know that history has made Elvis immortal but spare a thought for those that had the talent but were cut off in their prime...Buddy Holly rocked the world...and died for his sins. Who said life was fair?

I tilt my glass in a toast to those who paved the way for others to get the glory. I toast those who lay their jackets on the ground for others to walk upon and I toast those fallen heroes who gave (and still give) their lives so that others may carry on the fight.

To Buddy Holly!
To the Big Bopper!
To Ricky Valens!
To the unnamed Soldier!

God bless them all and long may their memory carry on.

Inso got his Iraq medal the other fuss...

Catch you tomorrow.


Mr Teufel said...

Congratulations on the medal.

Inso said...

I suppose it is a bit more significant than the Queen's Golden Jubilee least it has a name around the edge ;).