Friday, 21 March 2008

Friday...and it is Good!

It's Good Friday. It wasn't that good for me this morning, I had a stinking hangover...never mind (we all reap as we sow, after all).

So...what has Inso been upto today? First off, he decided to take a picture of another chunk of his Grymn collection. The following pic is more or less the rest of his collection (if you add it to the green army). There is all sorts in there:

If you want to see more pix, you might like to have a look here:

Not content with his little photo session, Inso suddenly had a chaotic brainwave and decided to paint one of his spare Grymn in a completely different way. Not only does it have a non-camouflaged uniform but the mini's skin is grey. He was going for a Chaos style Grymn, much in the same theme as some painted Imperial Guard he once saw. Here's the can make up your own mind if it works or not:

The base is not painted yet (and needs to be sealed with PVA glue) but Inso only started this 8 hours ago so he hasn't done too bad (seeing as he had to wait for the putty on the base to set).

Well that's it for now.

Catch you later.

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