Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wednesday pantomime fun!

Well, tonight it is a bit quiet because Inso has been away at rehearsals for the Pantomime.

This year he has gone for a local Pantomime rather than the one at his base because he was away in Iraq when the pantomime was running and this is the only way he could fit one in.

This time around he is playing a merry Jester and a doddering old Band Master (he gets about a bit!). The Pantomime is 'The Pied Piper of Old Helfordia' which is a localised version of the Hamlin version. It is a very local affair with only a handfull of audience expected to attend...but the old people would be upset if it didn't get made so there will at least be one or two people there to appreciate the effort!

So...what's on show tonight? cavalry updates I'm afraid so it's another delve into the gallery. Today it is the turn of Brigade Games and their smashing Alien Invasion miniatures. They are quite large (30mm tall) but I expect that just makes them easier to paint:

I hope to see you again tomorrow.


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