Thursday, 7 February 2008

Fancy a bit of leg?

Inso has sent over a small pic of some minor progress on Birdy today:

All he's done is started to texture the legs so that he doesn't end up with a sculpt that is finished except for the surface texture (as covering the muscles after so much work scares the bejeezus out of him :) ) he did with the Trhino.

The thing with sculpting the way he does, is that everything is done in layers. He starts with a wire frame, adds a layer of putty to thicken the wire and provide a key, then he sculpts on layer after layer until it's done. The downside is that each layer needs to dry so Inso is left having to tap his fingers in impatience.

The reason that there isn't much to show tonight is because Inso has been putting a little more effort into his third, more simple, cavalry mount...and he doesn't want to show that off until the rider is ready to mount it.

An order went into Hasslefree Miniatures last night so there will be riders aplenty very soon!

Tomorrow is Friday so there is bound to be a bit more to show off very soon...after all the weekend is coming!


Mr Teufel said...

Are WIP's of this on FoD? I don't recall seeing it before.

I like it.

Mr Teufel said...

Er, never mind. Found it!