Thursday, 14 February 2008

Thursday...all is quiet.

To continue yesterdays theme, Inso is still out of the loop but plans are afoot to alleviate some of the hassle so things should start to improve soon. Tonight he has varnished the Druschian Stryker that he finished painting an age ago and has started to add some camouflage to the Zaku mech. Mostly though, he has been chilling out and playing chess on the computer.

Inso has mentioned that he has plans for a new, small Grymn army that is in direct response to some recent purchases he has made and some (hopefully) winning bids on E-bay. This new army will be a highly converted desert themed army and will consist of a few small squads of troops and a handful of walkers.

The plan...a command squad (tooled up), two grenadier squads, maybe some veterans and a sentinel squad or two. The cavalry that Inso has been working on may become part of the army and the Vanir that are on the way may also be themed in as scouts (maybe they will be the veterans?). It is in the very early stages of planning but I'm sure that there will be something of interest when the ideas start to fly around.

See you tomorrow.

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