Saturday, 16 February 2008

Another forgotten Friday.

Oops! I went and forgot to post an update again. I swear Friday has an aura around it! I never received any pix or contact from Inso last night so I started playing Wii Sports...four hours later I went to my pit with sore shoulders and a handful of high scores...that's the Wii for you.

So...what can we talk about if there are no updates from Inso? Well, I happen to know that he has been dabbling on E-bay lately and that he has won everything that he bid on. So he has some interesting bits and pieces to play with, on the way through the ether. He has:

A squad of 5 Viridian Marines from Void 1.1 (now sold through Scotia Grendel)
A Tiger APC from Void 1.1 (think AT-AT from Starwars but with shorter legs)
A squad of 3 Vulkan Battle Suits from Warzone (now sold through Prince August)

Add to that the Vanir and the Grymn that he has ordered and the few bits and pieces that arrived from Heresy, then there is a lot of stuff to be getting on with.

From what I understand, the Tiger APC and the Marines will form a unit and three more marines will be added to it (when the dust has settled on all these purchases).

The new Grymn army (that was talked about yesterday) will have the Vulkans as Sentinels, the Vanir as veterans and maybe the cavalry as Rough-riders. Inso has a LOT of unpainted Grymn and from those that he has, he will be making two Grenadier squads and maybe a Command HQ. He also has 10 Kindred which he plans to use as Ratling snipers. Every unit in the army will be converted in some way.

...BUT!...before he starts any of that, he has two weeks leave and during that time, his focus will be his green Grymn army; namely the second squad from the second platoon. After that he has two more squads to paint and he is calling it a day on the troops part of the army. That is a total of 21 troops left to paint (infantry squad-10, command squad-5 and support squad-6)...then there will be tanks but they are for a later time, after his return from the Gulf in July.

I have babbled too much! See you later!

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