Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Thirty Seven.

There is very little progress on the Drusch, apart from undercoat and base-painted bases. If Inso gets his arse in gear and takes a pic or two, we may get to actually see what he's done. He's like that you know. Sometimes he's a whirling Dervish with miniatures being painted by the bucket load and the next...nothing.

I suppose he has an excuse today because it's his birthday, hence the title (you'll never guess how old he is).

Everything is fairly chilled in Inso's house today. He has dropped the 'early detachment' bombshell and it has been recieved with barely a ripple from his family...it could have gone a lot worse, that's for sure. Inso tells me that he has relaxed a bit now after worrying himself silly about telling his family.

With only three and a half months to go before going abroad, plans are being made to finish painting certain miniatures before departure.

As well as the Drusch, Inso has been working on an army of Grymn (Space Dwarves from Hasslefree Miniatures) and hopes to finish the latest platoon before departure. If he still has time, after finishing the Drusch as well, he also plans to finish a platoon of Neu Swabian League troops from Ground Zero Games.

Of course...this has to fit in with life but all being well, things should start ramping up on the painting front pretty soon.

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