Wednesday, 16 January 2008

These are working hands...

Today would have been a good day to show you pictures but for once it isn't Inso's fault there are none, it's his camera. The battery gave up the ghost during the photoshoot and is now on charge but rest assured, tomorrow will see some updated pix. He has mentioned that the four drones are going to be the first to be finished as he has already painted the flesh and has started to block in the base colours. He wouldn't say any more about the schemes because 'you'll see the pix tomorrow'. Let's hope so.

I will say that Inso was in a good mood today. In his own words, he has 'working hands' today. This is what he calls it when he picks up the spanners and does some mechanical work, rather than being chained to a desk doing paperwork. He says that it makes you feel like you've done a good days work rather than feeling like you are having your brains rolled flat by the establishment.

Did you know that MOTHER IN LAW is an anagram of HITLER WOMAN? Also ELEVEN PLUS TWO is an anagram of TWELVE PLUS ONE? It's funny how things work, isn't it?

Well, hopefully we'll get some pix up tomorrow so we'll see you then.

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Mr Teufel said...

Excuses, excuses!