Saturday, 26 January 2008

Saturday; a day of varnishing.

Inso got in touch today and has said that he is feeling a bit less tired but has not painted anything too fidly so as not to mess it up. As a result he has packed his desert Grymn into a storage case to make room for his other Grymn and has spent the day catching up with his varnishing jobs.

He hasn't just done varnishing today; he has managed to put some paint on a few Tyranids (available from Games Workshop). Unfortunately, they are not in a condition for photographs but when there are pix available, Inso assures me that he will send them over.

So...why Tyranids? As you may have read already, Inso bought a Battleforce box of Tyranids last weekend. He has an idea that they will be an indiginous alien species that has evolved on a desert planet (rather than following Games Workshop's story of them being genetically created). As a result he has assembled four spare Tyranids and is trying out a few different paintschemes. So far, he has basecoated the four of them and is in the process of applying a wash over each basecoat. Tyranids are a range of miniatures that are perfect to use washes on as they have lots of ridges and bumps.

Once the box of Tyranids are all painted (a future project), they will act as enemies for Inso's Grymn (it will be a bit like Starship Trooper...but with additional tanks!). Speaking of Grymn (did you like the link there?), I thought I'd show off another squad from Inso's Grymn army. This time, it is the turn of an elite unit of Stormtroopers. These are Heavy Infantry that have been converted so that they all have berets. There are also a couple of weapon changes and a radio operator that has had his equipment added.'s the pic:

Tomorrow I'll give you a bit of a rundown on the idea behind the Grymn army that Inso is building and the rules that he is using from the GW Imperial Guard Codex.

Have a nice evening and I'll see you tomorrow!

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