Friday, 25 January 2008

...and then there was...

...nothing. No word, no pix and no witty diatribe. I'm left to my own devices today because Inso has not been in touch. Hopefully, he's getting some kip somewhere so he can paint some stuff for us to see.

Well, not to be discouraged, I'll post another couple of pix for his Grymn Imperial Guard army. These two pix tie in nicely with the command squad as they are two special weapons squads that form part of the command platoon. First up is the sniper squad:

Next up is a flamer squad, complete with helmets (so that their hair doesn't catch fire in the backdraught):

All of these Grymn are available from Hasslefree as seen above, with the exception of the guy with the open visor (he's a conversion of Jinso with a helmet added).

Well that's it for today. Who knows what may turn up over the weekend...hopefully something!

See you tomorrow!

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