Thursday, 17 January 2008

Inso's droning on...

I got a pic sent over from Inso today and it is one of the Drones. It is very much a WIP shot but it shows the dead look to the skin and an idea of what direction the colours are going:

He has mentioned that they may end up with a bit of a WWII Nazi look to them but he isn't sure as he may lean towards a Red Army look instead...decisions; decisions...

As the picture is a WIP I will mention that only the skin is completely finished. The pic is a little bleached by the flash but the next ones won't be (Or I'll be forced to take the pix myself next time!).

Inso has a day off work tomorrow so there may be a bit more progress than usual. You never know.

A week or so ago, Inso bought a few lift fans from Evil Mushroom Games. As of yet they are sitting on his table doing nothing, but the Drusch have given him an idea. What he is planning is to make the little Drusch group a Slaver Team. This means that they need to get about quickly and be able to store the slaves they catch and transport them to where ever they need to go. What that means is the lift fans will be put to good use as part of a Slaver Craft. It is only in the ideas phase at the moment but Inso has been known to create a vehicle or watch this space.

If at any point you need to cheer yourself up, log onto You Tube and search for 'whistling puppy'. I defy anyone to watch the clip and not feel infinitely more cheerful!

Tatty Bye.

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Mr Teufel said...

Actually I feel sad. I want a puppy! But I live in a 1st floor flat! :(

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