Monday, 21 January 2008

I don't like Mondays...

Monday! That means work for us all and Inso is no exception. He had the added bonus of not getting any sleep on Sunday night so by this evening, he was extremely tired (Inso is short for insomniac...not sleeping is something Inso does a lot).

That said, he has still managed to get a bit of painting done but hasn't taken pictures...which is a shame but tomorrow there should be a second finished Drusch to show off. This time it will be the leader, Suzie the witch. She is, apparently, nearly finished, with only her jacket, hair and base rim to be painted.

It is a shame that the Tyranids have interupted the painting but now they have been assembled, they have been put away so they shouldn't interfere any more.

So, what pic should I put up tonight? How about something from Heresy Miniatures? I think this lurker should do the trick:

Inso decided to paint this in contrasting colours because most people seemed to go for a demonic look to them.

Well that's it for today, tomorrow there will be a pic of Suzie for you to see.

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