Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A change of scenery.

Inso has managed to send me pix for two days in a row! Not only that but, due to comments on another forum, he has changed the background to enhance the look of the pix a bit. I think that they have less of a sickening glow to them and as a result, are a bit of an improvement. To kick off the show, we have the latest Drone to join the ranks:

The armour and helmet are a bit darker than the last Drone and there is a change to the symbol on the helmet but apart from that, he is pretty much the same as the last one (Drones do have to be very similar, after all!). Next up is a small group shot of what is painted so far. This is really just to try the new background for a group shot...aparently:

After three nearly sleepless nights, Inso is dead on his feet at the moment so don't expect too much from him tomorrow. But there is plenty of stuff to show off, even if he hasn't finished his latest Drusch. After all, you've only seen one Grymn so far...

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