Sunday, 8 September 2019

A whole month?!

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

I know... it's been a month but I have not really been getting up to much that is worthy of comment... so I thought I'd wait until something came up.

A date has been set for my head/beard shaving, charity event... the first of October. Here's the link:

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I have booked some holiday time so at the end of this month, I have two weeks off. That means I will have time to do some things... like get new glasses, see the doctor about my anaemia, get my bike serviced, see my son and maybe even chill out for a few minutes!

Life has been pretty regular... still working and enjoying it, still loving Cornwall and still enjoying time with my wife and all the cats that seem to be arriving.

On to hobby stuff and I did okay in the sculpting competition. I got 4th for the trooper and 7th for the Sgt:

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There were 13 entries and some were by professional sculptors so I don't thing I did badly. It spurred me on to think about sculpting a few more BUT...

... I started to sculpt and my muse disappeared...

So I have been converting up another Meng, King Tiger, "World War Toons tank"... and have just finished painting it... so here is my version of a Hydra, anti-aircraft tank:

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It just needs decals to be applied but I will do that when I do the rest of the tank company. With that in mind, I have finished the building/painting of the tank company now and that means that I don't have to add anything else to it. That said, I still need to build transport vehicles for 13 units of troops so I came to the conclusion that converting 13 Chimeras would drive me insane. That meant that I needed to have alternative options so I have chosen to convert 4 Taurox transports for my command units and 9 Chimeras for my troop units. As a result of this decision, I have ordered the remaining King Tiger that I need to convert into Chimeras and 4 Tiger 1 tanks, to convert into Tauroxes. I am awaiting their arrival and will attack the Taurox IFVs first, followed by 3 batches of 3 Chimeras.

Phew! I'm getting there...

Due to me being tired and a bit down in the dumps, I have taken to spending money on toys again... so on top of the afore mentioned tanks, I have also bought a box of THESE. They have since arrived and the cockpits seem to be the perfect size to fit Squat pilots into them... that means I have to think about how far I convert these... but all in good time.

In addition to that, I found a cool little shop that has snuck into my town, below my radar and it happens to sell wargame stuff. As a result, I have bought some 'space dinosaurs' (Reaper miniatures) and some GW enforcers (LINK). I have no idea why... but I am sure I will find a use for them.

In other hobby news, the Kickstarter pledge that I mentioned in my last post, has arrived and I have had time to mock up a couple of troopers. I haven't done any filling on them yet so I will wait until I have done that before posting any images. I am tempted to try out some Contrast paints on these troops... but I am not quite sure yet.

Well... I think that's about it for today. Hopefully, I'll have something to talk about next week as well.

See you from the top of the tree!

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Zzzzzz said...

Don't feel too bad about the month without posting, or the draining down of mojo, these things all need topping up from time to time. Congratulations on the sculpting competition placings, I remain in awe of your skill and ability there. The models are an interesting find - Taiwan ? I'm liking the starfighter one.