Sunday, 29 September 2019

A special evening.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

Today, I have a last evening at work before two week's holiday and I am mildly happy about it... well... very happy because I need a rest.

I started in care work almost a year ago (Oct 11th, 2018) and like a complete idiot, I have only had a week's holiday since I started. With dementia care being so physically and psychologically challenging (especially considering  that I had not worked for over a year, prior to starting the job), I have made a big mistake and should have had a bit more time off because I am pretty burnt-out at the moment. Lesson learned. At least I still love my work, the people I care for and the mates I work with... I just need to get the balance right.

This week, I have mostly been tinkering... with no real progress on anything so I don't have any hobby pictures to show off.

The Taurox conversions are coming along. I have almost got the box bodies on the three hulls finished and will most likely be focusing on those in the coming week or so.

In other hobby news, I decided that I needed to make some progress on my Squat Primarch (counts as Roboute Guilliman LINK) and instead of finishing my sculpt (sorry, no images), I have decided on a different approach and have bought an Orruk Megaboss (LINK) to convert. You may think it is an odd choice but I have looked at the proportions and think that it will be just what I'm looking for. I have already started the conversion... I have assembled the body (without the head) and have started sculpting a new, Squat-like head instead. I have also clipped off the axe head and will be creating a hammer head in the shape of an anvil. His other arm will have a ranged weapon of some kind (to match the Guilliman profile). I will post pix once the conversion is complete. Further to the conversion, I popped into my local gaming shop and have picked up a few paints for the finished item... I have some plans...

This coming Tuesday could be interesting. I am hoping to look at/purchase the VFR 750 that I have mentioned... so that will be cool (I am very keen). I also have my charity shave so next time I post a self portrait, I'll lookslightly different.

Click the Pic!

Only two days to go so please pop along and donate, if you are able:

Well... apart from a bit of chilling out, I have very few plans for the next two weeks so I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

See you from the island!

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