Sunday, 23 June 2019

Sculpting and stuff.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working, clearing the garden and getting a bit of hobby stuff done... and I've also had to put up with a cold and a continuing lack of sleep.

Work has been good. I am now officially part of the furniture and this has been proven by bumping into workmates when I am not at work and socialising with them... so there's that.

When not at work, and when the weather has let me, I have been clearing the old fence from the garden. I have a way to go but this sort of thing takes time.

The cats are on our minds at the moment. Charmmy is fine, Alfie has had his two lots of jabs and is waiting until it is time for his neutering operation. Sam is still not right. He will be going back to the vets at some point soon and they'll need to look at his tail/lower back... when he's on anti-inflamatories, he is less stiff but you can see he is still not happy. Fred is very much on his last legs and we have been in touch with the vets to discus his humane departure... so we are spoiling him rotten at the moment. I fear that next weekend's post will be a sad one.

... to cheer things up, here's a picture of me and Alfie:

Click the Pic!

Hobby has stopped apart from the competition sculpting. The Squat Sergeant has been finished:

Click the Pic!

As a result of the Sergeant, I felt that I'd sculpt a bit more while I was on a roll so I have started a second sculpt for the competition:

Click the Pic!

This one will be a standard trooper with some sort of rifle. He'll have a beret as well but will be pretty basic. I have six weeks (approximately) to finish this one so I may end up sculpting others (depending on how I feel).

In other news, I have a good friend who has decided to join a charity boxing event in order to raise some money for Cancer Research. He isn't a boxer and has some good reasons to support the charity so please feel free to click the link and throw lots of money at this one:

That's about it for this post.

See you from reception!

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