Sunday, 2 July 2017

Metaphorical car crash.

Hello again.

It's been a week, hasn't it?

My week started with a trip to see my Dad in hospital. It turns out that he has cancer. We are waiting for the specialists to decide what to do... but there are more tests this week.

That was a big thing to soak up so I have been a little bit 'out there' this week and have been unable to focus on very much.

Then... the Photobucket thing.

You know how it goes... you use a free resource for 15 years... you become reliant on it... you put up with all the advertisements so that you can link your photos to the various forums... hundreds of images... in hundreds of topics... on a dozen forums... for 15 years...

... then you wake up one day, turn your computer on to discover that they have changed their policy... with no warning and in order for you to continue to use 3rd party hosting it'll cost you $399.99 a year. If you don't pay... all those images in all those places have turned into a Photobucket placeholder.

I know it was free and I appreciate that these things change... but after the week I was having, it sort of ripped my guts out a bit. In fact, I am still in limbo about what to do. I have had various recommendations about hosting sites but I am almost tempted to just not bother any more. Just stick to my blog and have done with it.

Well... this is my take on the company (feel free to copy the image and post it where you like):

Click the Pic!

And in order to get a grip on things, I went for a posh coffee, picked up something from the supermarket and did this:

Click the Pic!

Yes... it is that bright. Yes, I am getting stopped in the street by bemused children and yes, my head has been stroked by lots of random strangers (now I can understand how women feel when people want to touch their baby bumps). At least it stopped me getting another kitten, a tattoo or a motorbike... so it was very much the cheapest option and will grow out eventually.

As for hobby... well, I have got a little bit further with the Ogre:

Click the Pic!

It is still in the bulking out phase and all of those muscles will be covered over eventually.

I have also done the first (rough) base-coat on the Primaris Space Marine:

Click the pic!

Again... still a long way to go on this one but it's a start.

Keeping with the Primaris subject, I have now sorted out the EBay mix up and have 17 troops: 10 with bolters, 5 with plasma-guns and two lieutenants. This will be a nice little patrol to work on and once I have finished it, I will decide if I want to add any more.

In other news, my five Halfling Snipers have gone to the caster and should be cast up by the beginning of August. I will be thinking about how I am going to deal with selling them over the next couple of weeks... but I am in no rush. They'll be available at some point... promise.

So... this weekend has been properly boozy with live bands and a bit of drunken Karaoke:

I don't think I need to say anything else, really...

See you from limbo!


Zzzzzz said...

Hummm, It must be a ever so slightly strange when all those grey imports have names so closely associated with your previous career. Me, despite being a tankie, I have a soft spot for the Bucc. I remember as a small person watching the Ark Documentary series on the telly and now, however many decades later, I just love 'em. I even got an airfix one as a prezzie which I still have to build. So much caught up in a name.

And No2 daughter has hair that colour - just a bit longer. She gets really fed up with grown ups telling her that they love her hair.

Nice to see the evolution on the DPM.

And I so hear you with the photobucket thing. Quite vexing.

The other thing - it can be so hard to get people to talk about cancer, even after diagnosis.

Zzzzzz said...

Ark Royal. I'm guessing you'd figured that out.

demi_morgana said...

I've also discovered something's been going wrong with photobucket for a while.
Fuck them.
I'm glad I haven't been storing all my pics in that place.

Sorry to hear about the C-thing.
Fingers crossed for further tests results.


Simon Quinton said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope they can sort something for him.
Photobucket is a nuisance I had just switched over to them as well.